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Halloween Macabre 4.5

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Halloween Macabre 4.5

Halloween Macabre is a dark, responsive theme in traditional Halloween colors featuring a halloween header image which you can replace easily with the theme's customisation options (see below).

Your community site name (if you are using the text logo) will be displayed in Halloween styling and font. If required, the text can be replaced by an image logo as usual.


Site Title Text with radial gradient mode. Royalty free background image by Mark Rall - Unsplash.

You can access the custom options in your theme settings including toggles to enable or disable spooky font for menus, headings etc.

Dark Editor included (Moono Dark).

Utilises Creepster font from Google Fonts.


Extra Theme Settings
Easily enable, disable or modify the theme's features such as header background image and site name colors. This makes modifications and upgrades very simple since little code changes are required.


Screenshot of custom theme settings, easily change your style and colors without CSS knowledge.



Screenshot showing header background options. The uploaded image replaces the default image unless removed.


Settings include:

  • Site Title (Gradient Type) and Direction (if using Linear-Gradient option)
  • Site Title Gradient Colors
  • Site Title Font Size
  • Site Title positioning/padding


  • Enable spooky font for Headings
  • Enable spooky font for Nav Menus
  • Enable spooky font for Footer text
  • Option in increase/decrease letter spacing of Halloween font


  • Header Background Image (minimum of 1920px wide ideal)


Responsive Design

This theme does not override IPS layouts or responsive design.


Default supplied header image:


(Tablet landscape mode)



Mobile portrait layout



Example of Member's Profile


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