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Poke/Like/Thank This Member

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This app will give your members with the appropriate permissions to poke/like/thank each other. After a member has been poked/liked/thanked, they will receive a notification. 

Members can see and manage their custom notifications in a new page on the navigation bar. 

You can set the permissions at the app 's settings page. To prevent abuse, you can set a daily limit of how many members can receive custom notifications aand exclude groups from this limit.

A list of all custom notifications given by members is logged at the app 's log page. Admins can view them, filter the results based on each notification and search through logs by senders, receivers, notification text and time frame. They can delete each notification individually or all of them in one go.

Anytime someone deletes a custom notification, the action will be looged in the Moderator Logs page.

A list of most poked/liked/thanked members can be shown through widgets on your forum.


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