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Add Topics to My Reading List

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What does it do?

  • This app will add a reading list section to your forum where your members can add topics that they find informative or interesting. This will allow them to keep track of their favourite topics the easy way and find them a lot faster. They can also read them at their leasure. Like Add Movies to My List thing on Netflix, if you will.
  • Members can add topics to their reading list for a certain amount of time or permanently. Topics which have been added for a certain amount of time, will be removed automatically from the reading list once the expiry date has been reached.


  • Permissions to add topics to the Reading List can be set from the app ' s setting page in the acp


  • Members can filter their reading lists based on their priority status.

Moderator CP

  • An overview of all members reading lists is available at the Mod Cp. You can set the permissions for your staff members that you want to view members to do lists in the Mod Cp at the app 'settings->Moderator CP.


  • A list of all members reading lists is logged in the Acp as well. The admin(s) can search for lists added by members and by date range. They can filter the results based on their priority statuses.  Admins can mass delete all reading lists from the admin panel.
  • Admins can also prune automatically the reading lists based on their start date. 

Moderator Log

  • Whenever someone removes a topic from the reading list it will be logged in at the Moderator Logs page.

Member History

  • Members adding of topics to their reading lists will be logged on their member history section.


  • A chart stats page is available as well.


  • Admins can add topics to members reading lists.

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