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Advanced Widget Settings

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Advanced Widget Settings adds advanced options to the widget settings. You can control all widgets to display for a specific group, specific date and specific URLs.

Suppose you want to:

  • Display a widget for a specific user group.
  • Display a widget at a specific date range
  • Disable displaying a widget on a specific date
  • Start displaying a widget on a specific date.
  • Display a widget in a specific URL.
  • Display a widget in a specific URL and its sub-links.
  • When the widget is off, display custom content instead (using the IPS editor)

This app does it for you and works on all widgets (3rd-party and the IPS widgets).


Enter specific URLs, so that the widget is displayed only in those URLs.


Demo : http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/topic/12-bebop-publishing-will-release-a-limited-edition-of-justice/&tab=comments#comment-12


Specify the date range to display the widget on that date.


Demo: http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/leaderboard/


Specify user groups to be displayed only for those groups


Demo: http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/leaderboard/

You can also display a text you created with the editor instead of the widget when the widget is disabled. [MULTILANGUAGE]




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