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Enhance Core

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This plugin enables few features for site wide:

  • Optional Dark and Light switch
    This differ from other solutions on the marketplace that you have option to pick ANY dark and light theme with full customizability
    User option stays with them, even when they switch device, and since the style is loaded directly from source, you don’t get weird overwrite or lag on every page refreshes

  • Optional set message required when reporting
    If you only want this and running 4.4 or below just use this free plugin

  • Optional use SVG logo
    Much smaller size and scale without losing quality

  • And more ...
    this app will get more features added

Demo: https://turboduck.net/

Planned features:

Add flying kitty

All my Apps support

  • Follow best coding practice
  • Support language translation
  • Reuse default system element as much possible
    ensure compatibility of theme and other component updates
  • Edit logging
  • Permission sets

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