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Copy what you really want. Not your  theme color.  Nor its font size and style.

Because Brilliant Clipboard makes the clipboard on your website work the way you expect it to work.
Instead of copying how the content looks like on your device and theme, it copies the content with its actual formatting.
So you can forget about pasting your content as "plain text" and reformatting it.

Just copy and paste things. It's finally that easy.

Everything you copy just looks well. Everywhere.

Say you made a draft of your important announcement. Then you copy it and it seems to look well... but only on your theme and on your device. Because whenever you copy a text on your website, it is pasted with your theme's color, font size and other properties. This often makes your content look awful or even unreadable on other themes or devices. 

But Brilliant Clipboard makes this issue magically disappear. It's just never been simpler.

Bring up the past with no shame.

Whenever you copy your old post, or your recent private message, you want it to look great for everyone and everywhere. And with Brilliant Clipboard, it does exactly that. Without even requiring you to think about it.

So you can spend more time on something that really matters.

Works out of the box.

We value your time. This is why all you need to do is just installing the app. It's 2021, not 2005. It's a time to make things just work.
Get Brilliant Clipboard and never waste your valuable time on fixing broken formatting again.

Field-tested and side effect free.

Don't worry - it really just works. There are no side effects. Seriously. We've been carefully testing it on live communities, so that now you can just install the app and forget about the issue forever. It's really that easy.

Every Brilliant product comes with human support.

No matter whether you need some help, or you want to report a bug, or you have a suggestion - people love Brilliant apps for their best-in-class support. We're doing our best to make sure things will work flawlessly all the time, but whenever they don't - we're always there for you ?

So if you have any further questions...

Send us a message and we'll happily answer all of them. Or look at the Additional Information tab for Frequently Asked Questions.

BTW: You would be surprised how helpful the app was for us while working on this description.

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