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The application has:

  • Group legend:
    • Group in ipsMenu,
    • Enabling / disabling the search engine after clicking on a group,
    • Custom group formatting,
    • Ability to select more than one group when searching by clicking on a group,
    • Can be included in whosOnline and activeUsers widgets
  • Who Was Online:
    • Custom time range (in hours),
    • Possibility to show users in the widget in the following quantity: limited, unlimited or none,
    • Sorting possible,
    • Showing the highest quantity on a given day,
    • Cached Widget
  • Contact:
    • 2 categories: Administrator and Moderator,
    • Links:
      • PM,
      • Discord (After clicking, the ID is automatically copied),
      • Steam,
      • Facebook,
      • Linkedin
    • Responsibilities (Edit by CKEditor),
  • Highlight Groups:
    • Custom colors for "Highlight replies" (Global),
    • Custom highlighted blocks in profiles,
  • Birthday:
    • Special block in the profile,
    • Special icon in the profile and in the userHovercard.

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