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Countdown Timer

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Countdown Timer is a plugin that give community's admins or moderators the ability to create unlimited block/widgets of countdown timer with customization options, add text, notes and permission to view for groups for each widget. Countdown Timer also have a plugin side setting, which can be use for adding a global countdown timer for across community. this specific block can be place in Top header, top of the main body or sidebar as a global place in all pages of IPS community.

Plugin setting: (global countdown timer)

  • Activate
  • Target Date
  • Position: 1.Top header  2.top of the main body  3.sidebar
  • Title
  • Title at Center
  • Message when countdown reaches its target
  • Add description or note
  • Permission for groups that can see
  • Color settings


For using widgets, settings are similar to plugin, except for Position which admin can place widget in standard position in a page with Sidebar/Block Manager.


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