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Story app

Vala Story is an app that allows members to share their moments, interests, joys, portfolios, etc. with others through images and videos by allowed formats on your board and make them more interactive with title and link.

Demo and Showcase: http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/calendar/ 

Vala Story has a powerful ACP settings and tons of customization options and member settings as well. let's take a look :

ACP Options :

  • Main Settings:
    • Select story type [ Image / Video / External video / External image0]
    • Set daily number of submit story
    • Show stories from x days ago
    • Set maximum stories to show
    • Specify allowed image formats
    • Specify image file size
    • Specify allowed video formats
    • Specify video file size
    • Set duration of the story show time
    • Set maximum image story Height/Width'
    • Set menu item icon


  • Permission Settings
    • Allow groups to submit
    • Allow groups to view
    • Allow groups to delete a story
    • Allow groups to share again a story
    • Allow groups to change status of a story



  • Submit Form Settings
    • Allow members to set the appearing time of a story
    • Allow members to insert title for a story
    • Allow members to insert link for a story
    • Allow members to use external link instead of uploading file



  • Default Widget Settings (Each widget can use the default or its own custom settings)
    • Select skin (SnapGram, FaceSnap, SnapMessenger and Custom)
    • Use last story image as avatar
    • Show stories as a list
    • Enable open effect
    • Enable cube effect
    • Enable Auto full screen
    • Enable Pagination arrows
    • Enable Back button
    • Enable Back native
    • Enable Previous tap
    • Enable seen mod (seen stories are displayed with opacity)



  • General Style
    • Seen item opacity
    • Story viewer background
    • Story viewer font color
    • Title font color
    • Title background color



  • Carousel Display Settings (shows stories as a slideshow)
    • Space between elements
    • Enable carousel navbar
    • Enable loop
    • Enable lazy load
    • Enable autoplay
    • Set autoplay timeout
    • Enable auto play hover pause



  • Skin Style
    • 3 predefined skins (SnapGram, FaceSnap, SnapMessenger)
    • Custom Skin
    • Change border color of each skin
    • Change font color of each skin



  • Size Settings (size of show box)
    • Media size type (Cover, Contain, Fill)
    • Desktop width/height
    • Mobile devices width/height



  • ACP Stories Setting
    • Disable/Enable member status
    • Admit/Ban member
    • Add the stories to featured list (use this option in fetching data)
    • Remove member stories (all stories)
    • Share again a story of members
    • Disable/Enable a story of specific member
    • Remove a story of specific member



Members Options

  • Add/Delete/Disable/Re-share a story
  • Specify which group can view their stories (All visitors, Only members)
  • Enable/Disable their status



Member Submit Form



Widget Types

  • Showing all member
  • Showing followers stories
  • Showing following stories 
  • Show stories for each member in the profile page 



Widget Options

  • Add title
  • Enable member add story button on widget's title bar (left side)
  • Specify number of stories to show
  • Select featured stories 
  • Sort by last updated (Ascending, Descending)
  • Widget max-height (auto, X pixel)
  • Items display direction (Row-carousel mode, Column-list mode)
  • Custom carousel setting (use this for customization of the default setting)
  • Story Settings (Default, Custom) (you can change the default setting for each widget)



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