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(NE) Switch theme when viewing profiles

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This plugin will allow you to have a different theme displayed when viewing a member's profile, based on a configured list of user account and/or a specific group, allowing you to display a "Memoriam" version of your theme if you wish.

This is something I never even thought that I would make, and I really wish I didn't make it.

On the evening of 18th October 2021 news reached me that Vic, a member of the site I run, had taken his own life. But Vic wasn't just a member of the site - he was one of the earliest people involved as a member, and eventually joined the team of 'Owners' of the site too.

I'm still finding it difficult to put into words what he meant to me but Vic was brilliant, simple as that. You can read more about him over on the site if you wish, https://www.ynwa.tv/topic/163196-swan-red/ or you can watch him in full flow here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IMeZ7bCNKWk

Note: after IPS fees have been deducted, any money made as a result of selling this plugin will be donated to a charity which Vic supported:

Sports Against Racism Ireland (SARI)

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