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FX News is an extension for Pages to create great looking news sites, similar to what we are using on InvisionFocus or the Invision Community Blog.

It comes with layouts for Featured Articles, Article Listings, the Article Display itself and two customizable block templates for your records. And yes, this means your existing records, you can use this with all the databases and content you have already created.

Also it's equipped with lots of useful settings to customize almost everything and make it fit to your site ...

  • Templates with two- or three-row layouts for all your databases.
  • Use thumbnails or original images (loading speed vs. quality).
  • Chose the size of the images and how they are displayed.
  • Optionally use image zoon on hover or an individual effect you have created by yourself.
  • Select additional info shown in the article cards like author avatar, category or comment count.
  • Set the height and behavior of the headline and lenght of the truncated preview text.
  • Choose if you want to use the uploaded image above the article, inside or hide it at all.
  • Ability to set individual image dimensions for desktop and mobile view above the articles.

And these are only a few of the settings, just take a look at the uploaded screenshots for more.

Additionally to an advanced Accordion block similar to what is used almost everywhere on Invision Community and many third party applications, it comes with it's own very mighty Flex block that you can use to populate whole pages... or simply show some news above your forums too, if you don't like the accordion style :wink:

Both blocks pull their content (a.k.a. shown articles) from your databases and you can of course use all standard blocks settings to filter. Not only the latest articles, build blocks based on selected categories, features, ratings or even tags.

Sounds good so far? Why don't you just give it a try, it's free and you can break nothing. Your databases and records itself are not affected by this plugin.

A big thank you for beta-testing and feedback while Pre-Marketplace stage goes out to our members, especially @Dukenand pushpendra :smile:

Note: You need the Pages application to use this plugin.

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