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Product Reviews

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This app allows you to add product reviews everywhere you want as a widget and show product reviews by Random or Specific Product(s) as a Slideshow(carousel), using tons of customization options. let's take a look at the options.


ACP settings:

  • Main Settings
    • Show Author Photo
    • Show Author Name
    • Show Profile CardView in Hover
    • Show Review Date
    • Show Review Rate
    • Show Review
    • Number of Comment Lines
    • Show Product Title
    • Enable Product Link
  • Carousel Settings
    • Item Height
    • Margin Between Items
    • Enable Navbar
    • Enable Loop
    • Lazy load
    • Enable Autoplay
      • Autoplay Timeout
      • Enable Pause on Hover
  • Comment Box Style
    • Enable Border
    • Enable Border Radius
    • Enable Shadow

Widget Settings

  • Widget Title
  • Specify Group to View
  • Data Type ( Random | Specific Products )
  • Number of Comments
  • Sort By
  • Specify Minimum Rate Level
  • Custom Main Settings -> Ability to customize all ACP main setting for every widget (see screenshots)
  • Custom Carosel Settings -> Ability to customize all ACP carousel settings for every widget (see screenshots)
  • Custom Colors -> By default, this widget uses theme colors, but you can change all colors by enabling this option.
    • Review Card background color
    • Author font color
    • Date font color
    • Rating On color
    • Rating Off color
    • Comment font color
    • Product font color



  1. This plugin does not change the IPS default product reviews style.
  2. You need IPS Commerce app.

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