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Permissions for Payment Gateways

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This plugin allows you to specify which GROUP or USER has access to specific Payment Gateways!

This plugin SHOULD work with any Payment Gateway that uses IPB API, if one is not working aka the settings are not visible, please report to us.

What is the use case for such a plugin?

  • You can limit Payment Gateways to specific users/groups.
    • For example, PayPal only for the group "Trusted" or a special user that has a lot of trust.

If this explanation is not good enough, you can always shoot me a PM, to explain it a bit more.

I'm NOT the developer of this plugin, (Kirill Gromov) is.
I own the plugin and I'm allowed to sell it, IPB staff can verify with him if needed.

There will be only BUG fixes, no new features.

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