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ipsKit Theme addons

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This application allow you to add the following features

Swiper Slider:
Create and show custom sliders on header of the website or a custom location in globalTemplate. Created with swiperjs.com 

Background Image Picker:
Allow members to switch theme body element background image between multiple images.

News Ticker:
Smooth auto scrollable text elements with many options.
This is a free version of News Ticker plugin.

Footer Blocks:
Create custom Editor blocks and show them in footer area of your website.

Dark Mode:
Create custom dark mode color schemes for any installed themes. simple demo import.

Import/Export theme colors:
Save your theme color customizations and import it back any time you wish, you can also export the color customizations into another theme. useful to create a dark mode color scheme. 


Check screenshots above for all app settings and ipskit.com to see a demo of everything above.


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