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Remove Link Tracking

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Remove Link Tracking

This plugin will automatically remove tracking parameters from URLs in content submitted to your community. Tracking parameters are small snippets of code added to a URL for the purposes of analytics, ads, marketing, and more. They collect information and data about everyone that opens the URL, not to mention that they often make the URL several times longer and more complicated than necessary.

If a URL contains known tracking parameters, the tracking parameters will be automatically removed, while non-tracking parameters will be kept in place. For instance, the following URLs will be modified:

The resulting URLs will be:

As this is a very simple plugin with one purpose, there are no settings: The plugin is either enabled and all URLs are processed for every user, or the plugin is disabled and no URLs are processed. If you find it necessary to allow some users or groups to post URLs containing tracking parameters, let me know.

Suggestions for improvements and new tracking parameters are welcome.

Known issues:

As of version 1.0.0, there are no known issues.

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