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This plugin will allow your downloads application to show / stream uploaded media files allowing members to view media files what are uploaded, This plugin will check the members files what have been uploaded and if there is any video files, audio tracks or images a new tab will appear with the reviews / comments bit listing all the files available to view / stream

Main Features

  • Adds up to 3 extra tabs depending on the uploaded files
    • Adds a tab for videos
      • Plays / shows .mp4 .quicktime .ogg . webm extensions
    • Adds a tab for audio tracks
      • Plays / shows .mp3 .mpeg .ogg . wav extensions
    • Adds a tab for images
      • Shows .png .gif .jpeg .jpg .jpe extensions
  • If a file has multiple uploads it will show all the media ones in a nice grid table
    • Shows the files name
    • Shows the files size
    • Shows the files media extension
  • View / Stream the media files using the IPS ajax pop up feature
  • Only members who have permission to download the files can view / stream them
    • This will inherit the purchase permissions if you are using commerce and it is a paid file, only purchasers can then view / stream them


  • IPDownload

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