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Anti Stalker Protection / Member Blocking System

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What does it do?

This app will give your members, with the appropriate permissions to block other members from viewing their topics and profiles. Personal Messages are not included since they can be blocked if you ignore someone. When a member blocks someone, they can enter a reason as well. This is to server as a reminder if you will will, as to why that member has been blocked. They, blocked members, will not see it.

Group Protection

Member belonging to certain groups, like admins and moderators for example, are unblockable.

Blocked Members Log

A complete overview log of who is blocking whom is available in the Admin Panel and Mod CP. The latter is accessible only to groups with the appropriate permissions. Both logs have a search option as well.

Forced Blocking

Admins can force block members from the admin panel.

Moderator Log

Whenever someone adds a member to the their blocking list, removes someone from it, is logged in the Moderator log page.

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