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By default, Pages databases work best for articles. This template sets puts the Record Image field front and center. As a result, Pages categories can now be turned into beautiful & minimalistic galleries, where each record represents one image (with a title and description). All Pages functionalities like comments, ratings, reviews and custom fields are also available. 

The original idea was to create a template set for online art exhibitions, but the template set has a wide range of possible uses. Any kind of content centered around images can be improved by this plugin: How-to guides using images. A travel blog. A designer’s portfolio …  
This product is not meant to replace the Gallery app. It’s a way to create galleries as part of the editorial content on your website. 

The record display view has 3 possible layouts which can be applied automatically: portrait image, landscape image and “no image”. The latter creates a center column with content from the editor field, which can be used for an introduction, chapter dividers and so on. 

A bonus feature is limiting the number entries guests can view (starting from the first record in a category). This can be used to encourage guests to register. 


What’s required: 

  • The Pages app 

What’s included:

  • A category index template (with support for Pages Category Image)
  • A listing template
  • A record display template
  • A plugin with settings (see below)

Detailed feature description:

  • Global settings:
    • Item background: dark or IPS default box
    • Limit number of entries guests can see. Yes/No
    • Number of entries a guest can see
  • Listing settings:
    • Thumbnail fill type: contain or enlarge to fill
    • Use black&white effect
  • Display settings:
    • Image column aspect ratio: portrait only, landscape only, dynamic (based on the image)
    • Allow Lightbox Yes/No
    • Show creator on record view
    • Show creation time on record view
    • Use image effects (shadow/rounded corners)


  • The templates can be used for multiple Pages databases, but the plugin settings will apply to all databases at once. 
  • The ordering comes from the Pages database ordering settings, as with any Pages database. There is no drag-and-drop ordering of the images. For ordering, a stock field like record ID or title can be used or a custom ordering field can be created. However, the ordering field needs to contain unique values. Fields like “rating” or “views” cannot be used. 

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