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Visit This Forum First / Force Members To Visit Forums

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Do you have a forum and/or forums that do not get the deserved attention from your members? Then this app can come in handy as it will help you with that. 

It will force your members to visit a particular forum and only then can they proceed with visiting the rest of the forums.

All content is hidden in the activity and search pages for members till they visit the forum set as must visit.

You can exclude certain groups from being forced to visit forums. You can also enter a custom error message to be displayed to members when informing them that they must visit first the forum set as must visit before they can enter the rest of the forums.

All the options are set at the app 's settings page.

Each time a member will visit the forum that has been set as must visit, the action will be logged and be available to the admins so they can keep track of things. The log can be searched for members and timeframe of forced forum visits.

If you want a particular member to re-visit the must visit forum, all you can do is delete their visit forum entry from the logs. Or you can delete the whole log for a do over of forced forum visits again. 

Logs can be kept permanently or prunned after a certain amount of time.

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