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4x4 Superuser Concepts ?


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Whether you call them Champions ?, Advocates ?, or Superusers ?, every community contains an elite group of members that carries ? the community. They don't just drink the kool-aid ?. They mix, chug, and swim ?‍♀️in the community kool-aid. Learn ? four community management concepts about Superusers in less than ? four minutes. 1. 90-9-1 Rule (aka "1% rule"): The 90-9-1 principle refers to the lopsided inequality of user engagement that 90% of users are lurkers ?, 9% of members contribute from time to time ?, and 1% of users ? account for almost all contributions. Superusers are the 1%. 2. Intrinsic Motivator: Motivation that comes from internal motivation?, rather than any external rewards. This could be a sense of satisfaction ?, pride ?, ownership, loyalty, friendship ?, or other emotional and internal motivator. Long-term superusers ? are wired to intrinsic motivation. Tapping into intrinsic motivation is key to providing new motivation for superusers. 3. Spiral of Silence: Be careful ⚠️, however, that your superusers don't overwhelm ? the conversation which can lead to the Spiral of Silence: a theory that as the vocal minority becomes louder ?, other members adopt the same views or fail to share opposing views. You'll need to privately manage this vocal minority, especially if they're negative ?. 4. Work Out Loud ?: An engagement practice for superusers to visibly share ? their work online in your community. It offers opportunities for superusers and members to openly share ? their knowledge, generosity, purposeful discovery, and growth . Usually entire point ✴️ of communities of practice.

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