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Check the demo: https://codingjungle.com/formularize/folder/1-demo/

you will need to register to build forms, but you can take any forms there as a guest.

Formularize is an advanced form building application, That can help you build powerful data drive forms like surveys or quizzes. With its easy to use drag and drop form builder, makes it easy to build a form and maintain it. Collect data from the forms that can be displayed as aggregate data in charts and "testimonial" type blocks with anonymity. Check out below the features of formularize.

  • Drag and Drop form building
  • 33 field types, with 4 special field types to build the forms
    • field types: text, text area, number, auto complete, editor, upload, code mirror, email, address, ftp, interval, signature, stack, telephone, url, width & height, select, multiple choice, multiple select, multiple choice images, multiple options set, lists, color, check, country, date, date range, time zone, Yes & No, Toggle, Rating: Number, Rating: Star, Rating: Smiley.
    • Special Field Types: Info, Header, Demographics, Tab/Steps.
  • powerful form types: Standard, Quiz, Wizard and Quiz wizards.
  • Folders
  • powerful permissions that allow you to control who can read/view/add forms and submissions to folders, along with group permissions that allow you to control what fields can be used by what groups.
  • import/exporting forms.
  • advanced field options: Validation, Field Output, Form Output, Right Answers.
  • Data Reports: build fields that can be aggregated into Charts using data collected from the form to display results, along with field types that can't be aggregated into testimonial type blocks to see the responses. Combined with the demographic fields, can be used to filter results based on demographics data or origin of the submitter. if mapbox or google maps are enabled, will display a map with pin points of all the locations the form is being taken from based on IP lookup. 
  • Quiz features: features to allow you to build quizzes for your community, along with scoring and high score tracking. 
  • IPS integrations, integrates into search, activity streams, profile, achievements and clubs.
  • Age Group Restrictions of forms, limit forms to particular age groups.
  • Future Publishing: keeps a form in a hidden state till date is reached.
  • Form Expiration: have form expire and auto lock on a certain date.
  • Max Submissions: sometimes you only need a certain amount of responses to a form, you can limit how many times the form can be taken in total before it auto locks.
  • Multiple Submissions: control if the forms can be taken a single time or multiple times.
  • Min. Form Completion: you might not want to require every form field, but you want the form to have x amount of percentage to be field out before it is allowed to be submitted, control how much of the form MUST be completed before it is submitted.
  • Conditionals: control the flow of a form, show or hide questions based on responses from other questions. note: not all fields can be used as conditionals, but a good majority can be. 
  • Privacy Notification: set a privacy policy in the ACP for the forms, and forms will require an acceptance of this privacy policy before taking the form. 
  • Demographic Field: a set of fields that can be used to collect the most common of demographic data.
  • Widgets: Dismissable Form list, Form List, High Scores, along with a 4th "global widget" that is similar to the dismissable form list, but shows up any page as a modal popup, which can be dismissed for x amount of days. will show a fresh list of forms you might want users to participate in.
  • Theme Settings: most colors used in formularize that aren't shared with other IPS theme settings, all have their own theme settings for easy styling to match your theme.
  • Notifications: standard notifications for new Forms on folders and new submissions for forms. along with moderator notifications for reporting a form or a form awaiting approval (along with submissions). 
  • much much more

For more information on features of formularize, check out the Tutorials section:


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