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This application lets your members choose an image to display their "mood" in various places all over the IPS Suite.



  • Frontend
    • Members
      • Members in groups allowed to use the moods application will be able to update their own mood anywhere it's displayed on the page with a modal form.
      • Members, based on some settings, can decide to show or not a log of all their mood updates in a new tab in their profile.
    • Locations (mobile view is also supported)
      • Global user menu
      • Hovercards
      • Profiles (2 different locations)
      • Topics
      • Announcements
      • Downloads Files
      • Gallery Images
      • Online Users
      • Staff Directory
      • Report Center
      • Manual integration for Pages (CMS) templates is supported, too!
    • Widgets
      • Member Mood (Logged In): shows the mood of the member currently logged in.
      • Member Mood (Static): shows the mood of a specific member (chosen when setting up the mood).
      • Recent Mood Updates: shows a list of the latest mood updates.
  • ACP
    • Moods
      • Add/edit/delete mood images.
      • Enable/disable specific moods.
      • Set any specific mood as the default one.
      • Deleting a mood resets all members to use the current default mood.
      • Mood names are translatable if your community uses multiple language packs.
      • Pie chart to get a global view of all the moods in use and the most used ones.
      • Tool to sort moods based on filename or name with an additional option for the default mood.
      • Warning if some disabled moods are currently in use by members and a tool to mass update them to something else.
    • Settings
      • Select which groups can use moods. Scondary groups are checked too!
      • Enable receiving notifications when a followed member updates their mood.
      • Exclude certain themes from showing moods.
      • Choose between SELECT or RADIO forms when members update their moods.
        • Radio form has an additional option to skip adding the names to save space.
      • Options to enable/disable every area the moods show in (global user menu, topic view, profile etc).
      • Extra code on how to integrate the mood in Pages (CMS) templates (if the application is installed).
    • History Logs
      • Enable/disable the mood updates logging (if enabled a new profile tab with all the updates each member made).
      • Option to enable/disable the profile tab globally or to let each member choose for themselves.
      • Option to enable a task for pruning history logs every X days/weeks.
    • Tools
      • A tool to mass import entire folders of images to use as moods:
        • All options allow to choose the new default mood image.
        • An 'Add' option to add the images to the current moods.
        • A 'Replace' option to wipe out the current moods, reset the data, and start from scratch.
      • A tool to remove legacy data from the previous 3.x version of the application.
    • Supported Extensions
      • Achievements: setup rules to provide points or badges when a member updates their mood.
      • IP Addresses: every mood update logs the IP which is fully integrated in the 'IP Address Tools' member area.
      • Edit Member: allows to edit the mood and profile tab setting editing a member.
      • Member History: additional account activity entries when editing a member (requires 'History Logs' enabled).
      • Member Sync: merging or deleting members doesn't leave orphan data around.
      • Notifications: all notification types supported (email, inline, push).
      • Profile Tab: a new tab that show all mood updates the member has made (requires 'History Logs' enabled).
      • Stream Items: mood updates will also show as extra items in the activity stream.



  • Each purchase entitles you to use the application on a single Community installation.



The "BBSmiley" mood packs have been created by "Shelley" and could be originally found on the site "https://www.bbsmiley.com/". I was given permission to include the images through a PM on the site.

Unfortunately the "https://www.bbsmiley.com/" site is currently unavailable so I don't know how to contact "Shelley" anymore. If anyone knows her new site please let me know so that I can update the site address.

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