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Simple application for rewarding members. In current version can't auto-reward members, or hide awards from some groups, so if you want this features - you can see others awards application (after I made it, I see that there're already exists iAwards and Trophies and Medals here in marketplace). I made it special for my community, so it may looks something strange, but I could change something by request.


  • Categories and Types creation, when someone can reward members with selected type award
  • Admin CP restrictions for managing settings, types, categories and awards
  • Moderator restrictions for rewarding members (as usual, could be set to group or single member) and autoconfirm rewarding
  • Awards confirming. If not confirmed, noone could see award
  • Notifications - internal and emails. Only for confirmed awards (after first time it set to "confirmed")
  • Multilanguage awards settings - you could set own titles and descriptions for every community language
  • Display last awards in topics and profiles under photo - you could disable it in settings
  • Display in activity as other events

P.S. I'm working with IPB for 15 years, but it is my first published app. I will be glad to receive feedback ?

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