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Royal Dark ( - 4$ Until Quarantine disappears )

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Royal 1.1 Dark ( - 4$ Until Quarantine disappears )


DEMO: http://cyberpixelz.com/forums/ ( user: demo / pass: demo )


  • ? UserInfoPane integrated in the topic ( so, you dont need plugins  for that  ) + online/offline status.If you dont like custom UserinfoPanel you can dezactivate it from ACP.It's fully customizable.
  • ?Change Menu Links from ACP  ( hardcoded )
  • ?MegaFooter ( You can modify the footer from ACP ) Enable / Disable - And change the text and links + other things.
  • ?Fully responsive ( 100% )
  • ?Customizable Colors from ACP
  • ?If you want the psd files you need to send me a pm 
  • ?Header IMG customizable from ACP
  • ?Avatars max 150x300px
  • ?Sidebar custom personal statistics ( you can dezactivate that from acp ).It will apear on every page with sidebar only
  • ?Staff team in footer ( you need to put every staff member id in the last boxes )
  • ?News ticker customizable from ACP
  • ?Post container actions included ( the post container actions position are influenced by theme fluidity )
  • ?Customizable social links in footer


  • For minor changes im open for free ( so just give me a pm ) or use the SUPPORT TOPIC
  • I used FontAwesome & Material Icons
  • For more info's check cyberpixlez webiste


  • It's a beta theme, for bugs check support topic, and everything will be fixed ( mention me )






If you want so see previous theme enter here ( CHECK ALL MY STUFFS HERE )

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