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Download Enhance

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This plugin enables few features for download

  • Optional Add Sign in button and highlight text
    when file require login to download, redirects user back to the page after complete
  • Optional Add download button
    that show on top of pagination of auto generated topic
    on click redirects user to the download page
  • Plug and play, author will auto follow the generated topic
    based on his follow setting, IPS default just creates the topic with no follow
  • Optional Disable syncing download/topic content (except tags)
    Useful for user want to have different content on support topic than download content
    Since IPS default sync support topic just overwrites content with content from file, this will prevent erasing content
    In addition, prevents duplicate content if you want to keep support and download separated
  • Optional Added new minimalist template for generated topic
  • And more ...
    this plugin will get more features added

Support language translation

Used system language and style as much as possible to ensure compatibility of theme and other component updates

Просмотр полной статьи

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