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Proxy, VPN & Disposable Email Blocker

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The Proxy, VPN & Disposable Email Blocker application allows you to detect registrations made using one-time or incorrect email addresses, proxy, VPN, Tor, attackers and abusers IP addresses, as well as IP addresses from certain countries. Flexible settings allow you to take different actions depending on the threat found.

This application is compatible with Invision Community 4.4 and 4.5.


The application uses Email Verifier and Validator.pizza for email address validation, as well as IPS GeoIPIP Intelligence and ipdata for IP address validation.

  • Email Verifier detects disposable (one-time) and invalid email addresses, as well as non-existent domains. Requires free API key.
  • Validator.pizza detects disposable (one-time) and invalid email addresses, as well as aliases.
  • IPS GeoIP detects user's country. Requires an active Invision Community license.
  • IP Intelligence determines whether a user uses a proxy, VPN, or Tor.
  • ipdata determines whether a user uses a proxy, VPN, Tor, known attacker or abuser IP address, detects user's country. Requires free API key. Has free plan for non-commercial use.

Application Detects

  • Disposable email address – services for one-time inbox, such as temp-mail.us.
  • Invalid email address – when domain doesn't exists or has no MX records.
  • Alias email address – when one inbox has more than one address. For example, [email protected] also have aliases [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
  • Public proxy, VPN services and Tor nodes.
  • Attackers or abusers IP addresses.
  • User's country via IP geolocation.


  • Flexible threats configuration. You can enable only the necessary services and catch only the threats that are important to you. For example, you can only enable blocking registrations from certain countries or hold registrations made using a proxy for manual approval. You can also enable all services at once and block all threats at once if you want.
  • Flexible actions configuration. Each threat has its own action to be taken. This means you can configure application, for example, to block registration via Tor, ban users if they're using a proxy, and hold users from certain countries for manual approval.
  • Taken Actions and API Requests logs. Log of all registration attempts and a decision for each of them, as well as all requests made to the validation services. You can see which threats were found, and what action was taken. You can also see the full response from the services in JSON format.
  • Caching service responses. Responses from validation services are cached for a period of 24 hours. This means that subsequent validations of the same email or IP addresses will not cause repeated requests. This is necessary to reduce API requests and increase validation speed.

Additional Information

  • IP Intelligence requires email address for API requests. Application will use your incoming email address.
  • IPS GeoIP requires an active Invision Community license and GeoIP Service extension enabled.
  • Some services have requests limit. Check out services' documentation for more information.
  • Email Verifier and ipdata require free API key.


Application is actively maintained. If you have suggestion or feature request - feel free to let me know using PM or [email protected]

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