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New community manager tool: schedule topics

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Community managers and moderators have a simple but powerful new tool at their disposal: scheduling a topic's future publishing date. Previously, if a community manager wanted to draft a topic for a future release, they would have to craft the content elsewhere. It wasn’t the best experience. After listening to client feedback, we implemented a path for those with moderator privileges to create topics now, but have them go live in the future. Set this new permissions setting in the Admin Control Panel -> Moderators -> Content -> Can set a future publishing date? Notice the Publish date and time fields at the bottom: Here are a few examples of when this would be useful: Welcoming new members A community manager can compose a topic welcoming members from that week, but set it to go live the next week. It’s a powerful, engaging and visible way to acknowledge new sign-ups. Pair this with our new Alerts System. Anniversaries Big day coming up? Create content around it now, but set the topic's publish date on the actual day. Content calendar If you are in charge of creating community content, budget a chunk of time towards creating engaging topics. Set their future publish dates apart so there’s space for members to engage accordingly. It also allows your team to visually see the content and weigh in with changes (or hoorays!) before members see it. Related: Announcements Scheduling an announcement inside a topic, in tandem with our Announcements workflow functionality located in the Moderator Control Panel, allows community moderators to create space for feedback from loyalists. Promo campaign As a community manager, time is a commodity. Setting up a promotional campaign for a future product release sets you up for success. When planning intricate marketing projects, organization and editing are paramount. Setting a future release date creates space to ensure the messaging is clear and effective. This feature, available for all Invision Community clients, is available in 4.7.1 Beta 1 (out now). View our release notes. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments (preferably now 😉).

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