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SuperAccordion Pro is a (record feed) block template for Pages databases. It allows the display of database records in a compact way where users don’t have to open each record to see the content. You can use it for FAQ databases, instructions and similar uses with text content consisting of one or a couple of paragraphs.

Live Demo


What is required:

  • Latest IPS installation with the Pages applications installed
  • You should be familiar with setting up Pages databases and Pages blocks.
    (Keep in mind: This product is not an app. The setup and the content creation happens through the regular use of Pages. The product only delivers a template to turn a feed block into an accordion.)

What is supported:

  • Pages feed blocks for Pages databases
  • Fields: title field, content field, record image, custom listing fields (like badges)

Installation and customization:


  • Simplified mode
    • Hides the block title and the borders


  • Colors are inherited from the theme, so it can work on installations with multiple themes. There are no additional color settings. 
  • SuperAccordion works best for a records consisting of a few paragraphs or short lists. The use for long articles is not recommended and might lead to unexpected results. 

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