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CoinGate Payment Gateway


Платежный шлюз CoinGate для сообщества Invision. Покупайте, продавайте и принимайте криптовалюту. Покупайте биткойны, лайткойны, эфириум и другие криптовалюты в Европе и по всему миру. Прием  биткойн-  платежей в любых магазинах.

Руководство по настройке :


CoinGate gateway for cryptocurrency acceptance in Invision Community.
Allows you to accept bitcoin and more than 50 altcoins.

Creating a merchant

Sign up for an account at https://coingate.com/sign_up. Then log in and create a new app under Merchant > API > Apps > + New app.

After creating the app you will receive an Auth token.


Gateway setup

Install the CoinGate for Invision Community application following these instructions. Go to Admin Center > Store > Payments > Settings > Payment Methods > + Create. Select CoinGate. In the next step, specify the authorization token you received earlier. Save. The cryptocurrency gateway is set up.


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