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  1. SNOW THEME (Use Snow theme in theme list) All additional plugins are paid. Licence for each plugin for this theme is LIFETIME. Просмотр полной статьи
  2. How to use (NE) Custom Field Placeholders The following information is provided to assist you with using the application - if you need assistance then post in the application's support topic and provide an indication of what field it is that you want to configure What is a 'Placeholder'? A placeholder is used to display a textual hint which describes what should be entered in to an input field, and is displayed when the field is empty. As the user enters content in to the field, the placeholder disappears from view. What fields in the IPS Community Suite support this? Som
  3. Application which allows you to apply random 'annoyances' to your annoying users. Options are: Show a blank page Show site as offline Show page not found error Delay page loading Redirect to another url Each of the above has a % chance of happening, configured by you - and you can configure different behaviour on a per-user basis. Просмотр полной статьи
  4. This resource will allow admins to choose recommended topics to be listed, on a ajax list on topic post screen, based on words used by the member when creating the topic. So admin will basically choose topics to appear according to words the user type in the topic title. Settings: Forums where it will work Groups allowed to use it See it working: Просмотр полной статьи
  5. RAIN THEME (Use RAIN theme in theme list) All additional plugins are paid. Licence for each plugin for this theme is LIFETIME. Просмотр полной статьи
  6. "(NE) browser-update.org integration" will provide you with the ability to present a notification to users of "out of date", insecure and/or unsupported web browsers, providing those users with guidance on how to update their browser. Notification functionality is provided by https://browser-update.org/, based on the configuration elements enabled in the settings of the plugin or application. Unlike the free plugin version, the configuration for the notification is all performed within the settings of the application and removes the need for you to create a manual string to configure
  7. A free plugin which will allow you to utilise the functionality provided by https://browser-update.org/ Просмотр полной статьи
  8. This app allows you to change your menu to a dropdown menu using tons of customization options. Features : Main menu Enable |Disable Enable mobile device mode Use custom theme color Set menu height Background and Link color Hover color (Background and link color) Logo Enable | Disable Set logo image Set alternative text Set image padding Set link Submenu Submenu width Distance between main item and submenu
  9. bot ips4

    This is a maintenance release to fix bugs. Просмотр полной статьи
  10. This simple lightweight application allows you to send emails from the Invision Power Board platform through the AWS Simple Email Service API. This application sits on top of your configured email delivery methods and overrides your default settings. With the click of one button, enable and disable the service. The application also features powerful logs to help diagnose delivery issues and improve throughput and deliverability. Amazon SES is one of the most robust and cheapest transactional email service providers on the market. While this application is extremely lightweight and easy to
  11. This app will give your members with the appropriate permissions to poke/like/thank each other. After a member has been poked/liked/thanked, they will receive a notification. Members can see and manage their custom notifications in a new page on the navigation bar. You can set the permissions at the app 's settings page. To prevent abuse, you can set a daily limit of how many members can receive custom notifications aand exclude groups from this limit. A list of all custom notifications given by members is logged at the app 's log page. Admins can view them, filter the results
  12. This app will show your most active and popular members and topics on a new page linked to the navigation bar. The most active/popular members block contains the top posters, most topic starters and most liked members. The most active/popular topics block contains most viewed topics, most replied topics and most liked topics. At the app 's settings page you can select the groups that you want to view the Wall of Fame page, exclude members from a certain group or groups from appearing as well as exclude forums whose topics you do not want to show in the Wall of Fame page. Просм
  13. This app will add a fixed floating action button to the desired area in the page with multiple actions that will appear on hover/click. App features: Group permissions. Enable/disable button on mobile/tablet view. 4 Toggle styles (Slide-in, slide-in spring, zoom in, fountain). 4 Button positions (Bottom right, bottom left, top right, bottom left). 2 Toggle actions (Click, hover). Buttons color and main icon style (Font-awesome). You can add up to 10 child icons. Demo video (4 toggle styles in action): Просмотр полной статьи
  14. The support tool has served us well for many years. You can identify, at a glance, potential issues with your community both presently and down the road, right from the comfort of your AdminCP, and you can often resolve those issues with just a few clicks. But what if we could do better? What if we could make this useful administrative area of the software even more useful? The next version of Invision Community introduces a new "Health Dashboard" which replaces the previous support tool and helps you get a better overview of potential issues within your community while retaining all
  15. Plugin allows you to integrate the "Privacy" and "Tracking" functionality provided by Quantcast.com - Privacy functionality is used to present a dialog box to the user to assist with GDPR requirements. How to configure: 1) Sign up to https://www.quantcast.com 2) Add your site information via the above site's dashboard 3) Obtain your ID from the above site - this ID is displayed in the header bar of the dashboard 4) Add it to the plugin's settings - the Privacy & Tracking tags will be generated to the format needed for the JS code provided by Quantcast Modifying the
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