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  1. Welcome to my first Invision Community blog post! For those that haven't yet seen me making my way around this community, I'm Gary, and I have just recently joined the Customer Service team at Invision Community. I want to take this moment to thank the staff for giving me such an amazing opportunity and welcoming me with open arms. My history goes way back to circa 2004-2005 (I was still in high school) where I first dug my hands into forums and forum software in the good old Invisionfree days. Through the years I have created too many communities to count, including my own free post-to-host hosting service (remember those days?). Some were successful and so many others were anything but. Little did I know these experiences would only get me more and more hooked into this virtual world! Forums have been more to me than just an invaluable source of information. They are communities of like-minded people sharing their knowledge, experiences, hobbies and most of all, coming together in a common place to just be themselves. I have experienced nearly every forum software out there, though I always made my way back to the Invision Community suite of products as I not only found it to be a very powerful and dynamic bit of kit, but it always provided the solutions I wanted and needed for my communities. I thought I would share some tips on things that have worked for me when creating my own community. This will make up part one of a set of planned blog entries relating to community tips in the coming weeks, so stay tuned! Use the KISS principle. One thing I have found in order to engage guests and new and existing members of my community is to incorporate the 'Keep it simple, silly!' principle. When you visit a community and you're overwhelmed with categories, forums and unnecessary pinned topics, you are actually not doing yourself a favour. It mostly adds confusion to your community and does the complete opposite to having things organised. Too much clutter is never a good thing, and keeping things orderly and ensuring content is concise will provide your members with a more comfortable and easier overall experience. I did not incorporate this principle into my communities, and soon realised that was a huge contributor to the cause of their demise. 😅 Keep some of these in mind: Can I combine forums that are similar in content? Do I need so many separately pinned topics? Can I write more concisely? Targeting this point on the more administrative side of things like 'how to use this forum' topics, forum descriptions, etc. Are there things that are already self-explanatory and do not require repeat descriptions or mentions? Can I use less jargon and target my writing to a wider audience? Am I using too many graphics? If the above is not a factor, can graphics assist in reducing large chunks of plain text? When is too much, in fact, too much? Quality over quantity as they say. How about, less is more? Whatever stance you take and whichever influential quote you can most relate to, you want your audience to feel welcomed, not overstimulated with irrelevant content you think they need to see. Let your audience guide your community. I will delve into this further in the next blog entry. I'll leave it there for this edition, otherwise I may just keep you here all day... I'm sure there are many of you who are doing this so well already, so please share your own useful and proven tips and tricks. What have you found works for you and your community? What is something you are doing differently or uniquely in an effort to keep it simple?Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  2. This is our December maintenance release. During the holiday period, our focus is on providing bug fixes and improving stability. Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  3. Works for the following: Videobox Chatbox+ Forum Blog Gallery Downloads Pages Clubs Commerce Calendar Leaderboard Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  4. Works for the following: Videobox Chatbox+ Forum Blog Gallery Downloads Pages Clubs Commerce Calendar Leaderboard Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  5. Description : Extended User Informations, it is a plugin that adds a much nicer look to the topic. Links & Info : https://tectonicpx.com/board [ Here you can find support for our themes & demo for templates ] If you are a client, send me a pm on https://tectonicpx.com/board [ and you will get acces to client area ] !!! We recommend even if you are a customer or not, to create an account to discover 100% the benefits and appearance of our templates. For customers, updates come faster than here on the market, given the fact that there is no waiting time FEATURES General Enable / Disable Glow Enable / Disable Rank Icon Enable / Disable Mod Icon Enable / Disable Info On Mobile Author Box Width [ in px ] Online / Offline Icon Size [ in px ] Left & Right Padding Topic [ in px ] Avatar Size On Mobile [ in px ] Avatar Maximum Size [ in px ] [ height/width ] Author Background Color Info Icons Color Rank Color Rank Border Color Info Text Color Link Color Mod Badge Color Rank Enable / Disable Rank Icon Rank Font Weight Rank Border Radius Rank icon [ Use FontAwesome Cheatsheet ] Statistics Enable / Disable Posts Icon Posts Language Posts Enable / Disable Likes Icon Likes Language Likes Enable / Disable Warns Icon Warns Language Warns Enable / Disable Member Id Icon Member Id Language Member Id Enable / Disable Joined Icon Joined Language Joined Enable / Disable Birthday Icon Birthday Language Birthday Enable / Disable Profile Views Icon Profile Views Language Profile Views Enable / Disable Time Zone Icon Time Zone Language Time Zone Enable / Disable Points Icon Achievement Points Language Points Enable / Disable Days Won Icon Days Won Language Days Won Cover Enable / Disable Cover Cover Opacity Info To report bugs send me a PM Future updates will include info on profile & dropdown user menu ( on your name ) - in case you want to extend more this plugin 100% Customizable 100% Responsive If you use this plugin, you need to revert the postContainer -> html file ( in case you have custom postContainer ) because you can encounter bugs or missing informations/colors e.t.c You can use this plugin on every version of IPS ( but we recommend 4.6 or 4.7 minimum ) AD: CHECK OUT OTHER FILES FROM US Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  6. Dark and colorful theme for universal usage. If you like neonlike gradient colors on dark backgrounds it's just for you! Additional features: - slider - custom display box - announcements - custom footer Demo (chose Dark Rainbow in Themes option) Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  7. Legend Styler - Downloads is an advanced plugin, to modify and re-design everything about IPS Downloads app. in 3 area: Download app's FrontPage, Category view and File view, there are dozens of option to style and redesign different sections. from "Featured Downloads" box, "What's new", "Highest Rated" and "Most Downloaded" boxes in FrontPage, to category view and finally for file view, there are options to change how generally your download hub can be looks. Areas and options: Download app FrontPage: "Featured Downloads" box: 2 different "Theme" (Story view and Tile view) > each theme have their own inside settings. "What's new", "Highest Rated" and "Most Downloaded" boxes: each one 3 different "Theme" (Grid, Tile, List) > each theme have their own inside settings. Download app Category pages: 3 different "Theme" (Grid, Tile, List) > each theme have their own inside settings Download app File view: 2 different "Theme" > each theme have their own inside settings There are dozens of style options and combinations to make Downloads app areas look unique and fresh. Requirement: Invision Download app One example of combination options for Download app Index page One example of combination options for Download app Category page One example of combination options for Download app file view page Other Legend plugins: Legend Styler - Topic Listing for Forum app / topics Legend Styler - Posts for Forum app / posts Legend Styler - Hover Cards for hover cards Pages Legend News for Pages app News articles Pages Legend Profiles for Pages app create Profile pages for subjects Pages Legend Articles for Pages app create article pages with ability to restrict in-article-contents to user group Pages legend Reviews for Pages app creating Review database, to review subjects like movies, games ... Pages legend Magazine for Pages app creating Magazine looks content databases, with Ajax page views, category/frontpage options and more Legend Blocks for Pages app creating Blocks/widgets with Pages app, out of almost every type of user generated contents, through 40+ type of Block template Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  8. Purplish colored theme Works for the following: Videobox Chatbox+ Forum Blog Gallery Downloads Pages Clubs Commerce Calendar Leaderboard Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  9. Advertisements Anywhere with CSS Targeting for Placement! Built-In Advertisements After Every X-Number of Forum Posts! Built-In Advertisements After Every X-Number of Forum Topics! Built-In ads.txt 1.1 Management with Output! {specificad='#'} Template Output Plugin to Always Place a Specific Ad Where You Want It No Matter What! ACP Head Block Textarea for You to Put Your Ad Provider JavaScript Primer Scripts in! Works Directly with Invision Community Built-In Ads System, with Enhanced Display! New Top of the Page Ad Placement Option With certain advertisement applications and plugins soon to no longer work with forthcoming versions of Invision Community (and PHP 8 requirements) for various reasons, I was approached by numerous people to maybe take a run at covering what those things did in a new application. When I realized this would affect a site I am doing work for directly that left me little choice but to actually do this. This has been tested over the last few weeks (circa October 2022 for anyone reading this down the line) not only on my local development system but also one of my live sites for basic functionality as well as an independent site running a fairly large stack of advertisement loadouts including all the x-before options and Simple CSS advertisement placement. FEATURES Simple CSS Advertisement Placing Place ads anywhere you like with CSS targeting. Seriously. If you can target it (correctly...), the ad will get splashed in. All ads load AFTER your page content has finished loading. HTML, image, and JavaScript ads all tested and working great with this method. All ads loaded are loaded exactly as all other Invision Community ads are loaded, respecting dates available, groups that can view, and so on (this applies to all ads used in Ads Everywhere btw). Ads After X-Number Placing Don't feel like CSS targeting and just want ads all up in your forum topics and posts? Just like it sounds. Radio check-dots for selection of after numbers and away you go. It's that easy. NOTE: Forcing an ad after the last topic or post on a page is one of the first updates this application will get. If I keep adding features this would never get released... No worries - it'll happen (or you can get creative with Simple CSS ad targeting in the meantime). ads.txt 1.1 Management and Output Full control and management. Support for OWNERDOMAIN, INVENTORYPARTNER, CONTACT, SUBDOMAIN, MANAGERDOMAIN, and exchanges of course. If you have only a few entries, use the table database management features. If you are under a single advertisement management regime and they provide you with a weekly or monthly ads.txt loadout that you are to use (and these can be MASSIVELY long), save your self oodles of trouble uploading said file to your server all the time and instead use the custom block that is here for just that reason. Preview the file as it will be output right there in the ACP. When it is time for output if you are on IPS Community in the Cloud, ads.txt is output automatically for you when requested. For those of you self-hosted, the same is available though if you do not have rewrites enabled or rewrites is not set in a certain way, the automatic output will fail. No worries! Everyone (CIC included) can always download the file for backup purposes and self-hosters can use it to upload to their server themselves. Or, an exclusive feature for self-hosters, they can write the file out directly to their server from the ACP. No muss! No fuss! {specificad='#'} Template Output Plugin If you like you can load an ad based on its ID number instead of loading by location. Location loads will take all advertisements available under that location flag and choose from them based upon certain choices you make (oldest, random, least impressions, etc.). You can use this output tag to always no matter what load a specific ad in a specific location. This still respects the usual advertisements checks on group permissions to view, dates made available, etc. It is just another way of loading an advertisement. ACP Head Block Simple textarea for you to stick in you JavaScript ad providers primer code. This is usually a single code block though sometimes more than one such as loading an external script and then a script block that does the actual ad priming, that does the setup and inits for the ad network in question. This area will save you from editing your global theme templates to insert same. Just do so here instead and if you ever need to change things come back here and save yourself template editing. See the notes below. Note you can also stick anything else you need in the <head> section of your global template here - fonts, other JavaScript loads, etc... Enhanced ACP Advertisements View When viewing all advertisements in the ACP, you will now see the location or locations you have applied to each ad, the ID number of the ad itself, and on hover over the locations, the location name you would use when using the {advertisement=""} output plugins in your templates. Top of Page Placement Might not be for everyone but I know at least one person asked about this. Yes. The very top of the page. This is like all the other default advertisement locations; treat it as such. NOTES 1) When using advertisement providers that provide you with JavaScript code to insert in the <head> area of your global template, you MUST add the async flag to those inserts e.g. <script async whatever whatever....>STUFF</script>. This is best practice anyways. 2) When sticking in JavaScript ad blocks and toggling their use across multiple areas on the same page, if those ad blocks share a single id you will probably run into problems. This has nothing to do with Ads Everywhere; it is just basic Internet Ads 101, but I want to get ahead of support questions on this right now. In other words, I'm glad to be helpful, but be helpful to yourself and read up on how JavaScript ads work before coming to the support topic and asking why things aren't working. 3) When using the Simple CSS advertisement placement option, if your CSS target is syntactically wrong or flat out misses the target, nothing will be inserted. Try, try again! You can also ask (nicely...) in the support topic. Others, and myself, will likely be glad to help (maybe not immediately though - patience please). 4) Using Simple CSS to insert ads into the page, depending on the advertisement html code inserted and the location you stick it in, may interfere with some page formatting and JS in place already. You may need to adjust your targeting, your html ad code (wrapping JS or otherwise) or pick a better location. Feel free to take this to the support topic if you encounter it. 5) This application has nothing to do with any ad network loading troubles or CORS problems you may see in your JS console when inspecting a page on your site. Those that know, know: ad networks utilizing JS and real-time bidding will pop in stuff that will just error on load for an insanely large number of reasons. But again, a reminder: for page <head> ad network JS code inserts, do not forget async! RENEWALS Keep in mind most purchasers do not renew when the item expires unless they have to, meaning either new features they want or their old version is now incompatible with future Invision Community or server requirements. This is fine. If you are rolling in money (and why not with all the ads you guys are showing 😅 ), by all means, please keep up with renewals. Regular renewals are INCENTIVES for devs to keep deving. Otherwise, I understand - it's fine. Keep in mind though if you catch me on a feisty day and ask for support in the support topic and I happen to see you are out on renewal... FUTURE Stuff already alluded to above, some more ads.txt enhancements, Google AdSense page blocks, etc. Not immediately though, kinda slammed for the obvious reasons going around... INITIAL RELEASE PRICING - Get in on the ground floor while you can! Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  10. Last month we introduced some powerful updates with a long overdue overhaul of community events. We were very pleased by the excellent feedback received and enjoyed hearing your suggestions. We listened and have been working hard to bring some further updates to Events. Support for more streaming platforms When creating a virtual event in your Events application, you may include a link to your event and the platform will advertise it with the vendor’s logo so your community knows what to expect. When your members are ready to join, choosing the “Open Event” button will set them on their way. With this update, a total of 14 third party streaming platforms are now supported. Zoom YouTube EventBrite On24 Facebook Google Webex Slack Discord Microsoft Teams TikTok NEW! Twitch NEW! Vimeo NEW! SpotMe NEW! Unobtrusive location prompts When viewing the list of events, Invision Community would immediately prompt the user for their location. Your feedback suggested this was too intrusive and as a result members can now opt-in with the “Use my location” link and checkbox. If members do not opt in then their approximate location is used based on an IP address lookup. If neither of these options are available the results center on a default location that you can set in the admin control panel settings. Bug fixes As well as these changes we have also fixed a number of bugs including: A longstanding issue where event times could show incorrectly when members in different timezones edited events. Better localization to make sure all phrases are translatable. Some issues showing events in regions that use commas instead of periods for numbers. Hiding online event links after the event has passed. We still want to make further improvements to Events and are looking forward to more updates in 2023. Let us know in the comments how you are using Events to bring together your community online and offline.Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  11. This is our November maintenance release. Key changes include: New Feature: Moderating with Personal Alerts New Feature: Moderator approval queue now includes a reason why Invision Community now requires a minimum of PHP 8.0 Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  12. System Forums Commerce Pages Downloads Calendar Gallery Blogs Converter Traducerea în limba Română pentru Invisioncommunity 4.7.x Romanian translation for Invisioncommunity 4.7.x Informations: Vă rugăm să raportați ori ce greșeală de traducere! Please report any translation mistakes! 15,000+ Cuvinte traduse. 15,000+ Words translated. Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  13. This app adds a new table to the database that will log all future log ins to your forum. Each time an user will log in to your forum, a unique cookie will be added to members devices and then it will be stored in the app 's table. The cookie exparation date is set to one year and its unique string is associated with the users device used to log in. Their ip address will be stored as well. The app will scan its database table and list all users who have logged in multiple times from the same device and ip. Like that you can see who has shared their login details with other users. The cookie detection method is the most accurate method. Both shared login detection methods have a quick search option where you can search the resuts based on members names. Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  14. When we speak to community moderators of busy sites about what they want to see in future Invision Community versions, most ask for ways to improve daily workflows. Community moderators are at the heart of every community, and those working with busy sites quickly find that repeating the same tasks reveals ways to save clicks and precious time. We recently released our alert system, which is a great way to get information to a single user or an entire group of members. Alerts can be set so the members have to reply before they can continue interacting with the community. Invision Community's November release now allows moderators to send a personal alert message to the author of the content they are moderating when their content is hidden, split, locked or moved. This video takes you through the workflow when hiding a comment. Combining the alert feature into the moderation workflow makes it easier to inform your members that you've taken action on their content. For example, you may notice a member posting a topic in the wrong forum. It's now straightforward to move the topic and let the author know why it's been moved and where to find it. Perhaps you've had to hide some content that doesn't fit your community guidelines. You can now let the author know when hiding the topic and the reason it's been hidden. Informing your members why you've taken action on their content helps educate, remind them of your community guidelines when needed and prevent confusion when they cannot locate the content they recently posted. Making a personal connection when moving or hiding a member's content helps keep a positive relationship throughout the community. Viewing alert replies While we were at it, we have also made it easier to track and respond to alert replies when sending them to large numbers of members. From November onwards, you will see the number of replies sent to your message when viewing alerts in the Moderator Control Panel. Clicking the reply count will show all personal message replies to that alert via a top-level filter. This new time-saving feature will come to all Invision Community platforms in November. @Daniel F proudly led development of this feature. 👏 We'd love your thoughts; let us know in the comments!Просмотреть полный текст статьи
  15. This plugin adds a shortcut to open the ACP page to manage a member's profile from their frontend profile. Features: Setting to open the ACP link in a new tab. Setting to open member profiles on the Customer View tab. (Requires the Commerce application) Просмотреть полный текст статьи
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